May Your Kingdom come & Your will be done as we serve Your heart. Let salvation flow as Your people pray – Lord we long for more… – Hillsong United

Lord, You provided what we needed for us even before we knew we needed it.

A Home. With you.

Where we always belong and are always welcome.
Forever Home.

Your Kingdom is way bigger than my mind can grasp.

Your heart’s desire is for EVERY SINGLE ONE of YOUR CHILDREN to come Home to You.

And somehow, Your Home expands to meet Your heart and makes space for each one who answers Your invitation and enters Your Kingdom.

The idea of Camelot was only a glimpse of the Kingdom yet to come.

  • One Table, where all sit as equal family members.
  • Round because You are One and yet Three, complete in a perfect circle of relationship.
  • Constantly expanding with additional leaves to make more seating as needed.
  • Covered with the Feast of the Bridegroom, which supernaturally meets our hunger and thirst.

Where You are waiting to welcome us in person, when we make our way into the Kingdom once and forevermore.

Just as the father continuously kept his eyes on the road looking for his wayward son to come home, even though he had already given him his portion of his inheritance (or kingdom on earth). Despite the fact the son may never return, the father never stopped looking for him.

For love is the driving force of this Kingdom.

Not money. Not power. Not performance.

Not anything other than God’s huge love for each of His creation.
You, and me.

He will never stop looking for the wayward, hurting, lost and confused to return Home.

And will never stop inviting them to do so.

For His Kingdom, this Home, His heart is longing for you to come home.

#Kingdomcome #homecoming

#homecoming 2

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