when you feel like the outsider, take another look

Untitled design (78)I used to feel like the black cat in my family. (I prefer to cuddle cats over sheep, so pardon my twist on the expression!)  Like I didn’t fit with everyone else.

In some ways, that is true. I am not gifted in the same way my parents & brother are, nor my husband.

God has been revealing to me thought that feeling like I don’t fit has two aspects to it: one is from Him, the other not.

I always fit in His family, for He made me a perfect fit for the purpose for which He created and called me.

When isolation begins to rear its negative head, God reminds me that I was not meant to be a loner.

This cat may need lots of catnaps and alone time with Him, but she is best when balanced in community.

Now He has placed me in a family which challenges me at times, and I am sure I similarly challenge them with my differences too.

But I would not exchange them for anything.

The more I hang out with my hubby, kids, parents, best friends and extended family?

The more I realize that this fellowship gifted to me by my King, and the more grateful and thankful I become.

I suspect Jesus and I are a lot more alike than I recently came to realize.

We love our family & friends, but also need regular time in His Presence on our own to help keep us focused and on target.

So I have begun to embrace my uniqueness, and instead of comparing myself to others, I have been asking God on how to best compliment the others I am with.

I am excited to share I am shortly heading on vacation to one of my favorite places for a week to reconnect with some of my extended family, and one of my high school besties.

And I am sensing God wants me to put down my keyboard, and be all in. So no writing for me again until July 26th here on the blog.

I will still be posting on my social media accounts ( @HopenHisPresenz on IG, Twitter & FB), but I am giving myself the grace to go with the flow and be fully present wherever I find myself verse posting in a set schedule.

PS> Thank you for your kind comments and encouraging words, friend. You have no idea how timely they have been as He has spoken to me through you!

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Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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