Two little things bothered me when I was recently away on vacation in BC.

I bought a pair of shoes I had been dreaming of for over a year while in BC to wear to the family wedding we were celebrating. When I actually started walking in them it became apparent they were too big, and putting pressure in spots where they shouldn’t. I found them on a blowout sale so they didn’t owe me anything when I gifted them to a new friend instead of bringing them home.

But i was so disappointed after having spent so long looking for them.

As we travelled with only one purse/backpack and one carryon each, I didn’t have a lot of extra room to bring things back.

And one of the items I really liked was a blue metal pencil case with three anchors I spotted right before leaving BC. As much as I loved it, I didn’t have any extra room for it.

Today, my mom, daughter & I poked around the stores in Huntsville while the guys watched Dunkirk. The very first store we looked at? Had the exact same blue metal pencil case with three anchors!!

And the last store we looked at? Had a pair of navy wedge sandals in a more stable & cooshier brand than the ones I left in BC!!!!

The replacement shoes are definitely God’s way of meeting my need (coz running shoes look stoopid with a dress, and I can’t always wear my birks everywhere…)

And the pencil case? It’s an added bonus from my Abba, who likes to give good gifts to those He loves, especially after a few blue-y feeling days (i don’t do too well with extended rainy days).

#howHelovesus #hopefortheharddays

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