i believe You’re my Healer…

I find I am learning a great deal about myself and God through this bout of intestinal distress.

I ate something when out Saturday night that should have been fine with my allergen strict diet, but wasn’t.

Whatever the trigger was (as it wasnt obvious to me, it may just be food poisoning) has left me exhausted and running to expell the remnants from my system.

This is now day 3.

Prayer has helped, baby Gravol too. But what I am drawing comfort from the most? How God is reminding me through His Word and His Body that He IS my Healer.

In the present, right in the midst of my need, He IS with me.

As He IS all goodness, holiness, truth, power, wisdom, strength, honorable and love… He can be trust with what hurts me.

Coz it hurts Him too.

God didn’t go to the cross only coz it was His last resort. He went coz He wanted to.

For you and I were on His heart.

Jesus went to the cross so we could be set free, be healed, made whole and restored to relationship with Him!

So although I feel awful, I have a reassuring peace holding me close.

I know He is for me.
I sense He is with me.
I trust He will reveal Himself in me.
I believe He is actively already healing me.
I stand on His promise that He is more than enough.

Friend, if you too are hurting in any way (not just physically) draw close to your Healer.

He is waiting for you to invite Him into that place of pain, and longs to set it right for you. He is YOUR Healer too!

#hopefortheharddays  #Healer #promisekeeper #morethanenough



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