let Your love collide in me

Every so often, a song comes along which perfectly captures where I am in my walk.

Today, it is this song.

I no longer want to walk out my life in fear of being hurt.  Trying to control everything is too damaging to me, and undermines my actions towards those I care about.

In short, fear is a crappy foundation which needs constant attention as it shifts with every tuft of wind which comes its way.

Jude 2 reminds me that I can relax and rest, because Love is on His way.

He knows the plans which He is bringing to pass in my life. And if I am following Him, walking in His ways, then Love is leading the way.

No longer do I tread on fear highway, for I have learned that the only path for my wellbeing is His way.

Higher ways, no longer my ways. The ways where Love goes before me, preparing the path.

  • Where He can see the storm clouds brewing, and guide me to shelter.
  • Where He gently & lovingly touches, cleans, bandages and heals my wounds.
  • Where He takes what was broken and incomplete, and weaves it into something perfectly finished and beautifully restored.

So I throw my arms open wide and invite You God, to collide in me wherever You would like to have more room within.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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