Like you, I have been taking some time off this summer.

Last month, I went away on vacation to one of my favorite places on earth (BC) and spent my whole time with family.

This month, I felt I was to take an unexpected break from blogging & writing over the past 10 days. Without knowing why.

God has been realigning my heart with what is most important.

Love & Family.

Both in my walk with Him, and my walk with those I call family.

So I have spent more quality on purpose time with my husband, my kids, my parents, my besties.

Mainly face to face, and one on one.

I didn’t realize that I have some preconceived notions of family that God was going to shine some light upon over this writing break.

I was born into a family line where less than 75 people in the world currently use that last name:

http://www.namespedia.com/details/Hjelholt  http://forebears.io/surnames/hjelholt

After the death of my birth father, my mom married a man whose last name was a bit more common: ROOME 10,000+ birth records

When you compare my family lines to SMITH, for example…. (2,376,206 Americans shared the surname Smith during the 2000 census, and more than 500,000 people share it in the United Kingdom, stats via Wikipedia) it is easy to feel overlooked.

God doesn’t see family lines in quite the same way.

Yes, He purposed you to be in the exact family you were born into. The situation may not have been what He would choose due to the effect of choice & sin, but your parents were meant to be your parents, your siblings, grands, cousins, aunts and uncles too.

The people who surround you with love right now? His plan.

For many of us can feel lonely in a crowd (especially at a Smith or Lee family reunion!), and God completely understands this. Which is why He places us into families of His making once we become His child.

  1. The ways in which our natural families lack? You’ll find your spiritual families are strong, as is His intent for our wholeness.
  2. The way you hide in a large group? Fades away when out with your best friends!
  3. The dream you had of a healthy family? Totally possible when we invite God into our marriages and relationships with family members as we ask Him to reshape and mold us into healthier versions of ourselves.

I never dreamed as a child:

  • that my mom would be one of my confidants
  • my husband would be the rock he is on my hard days
  • my daughter and son two of my best friends
  • my dad a resource of practical wisdom and historical facts
  • my father in law a wonderful man to just be around and loved by
  • my extended family so cool and easy to spend time with
  • my cousin Jana, Deb, Cindy, Suze, Anne, Christa, Brenda, Daphne, Leanne, Cathy, Beth, Brandi, Sara, Kate, Jaime, Laurie… the zany sisters I always wanted!
  • that I could feel so comfortable as His child that the thought of climbing in his lap, or dancing with God brings me joy!

You see, despite my good family upbringing at home, I felt lonely as a child, and unsure of what I was sensing about me much of the time.

I found out as a young believer in my twenties that I am on the prophetic bent with much of my gifting, and as a child, without knowing what was going on, I tended to retreat from people and stick my head in a book or my ears in headphones. Because i didn’t yet know how to process what I was hearing or sensing.

I finally met myself in the late 20s, with some great guidance from a church I attended in those days, and it has taken me the past 20 years to be comfortable in my own skin.

The only one who could have made this possible has been with me each step of the way.


My Father, and the main family line I associate myself with these days, as ‘Daughter of God’ is the only one family last name which will travel with me into eternity!

So when I share how I find hope in His Presence throughout the ups and downs of my days? I mean it with every fibre of my being!

Welcome to the new you too, reader. I believe this coming season is one of great revelation, increased freedom and fresh vision as we press in to Him with all we are! I was so excited, I revamped my brand (in case you don’t know what I mean, the colors and images for my blog!) and chose the ones which reflect where i am right now….

  • Nordic colors, which reflect both my back ground and my great love for blue!
  • Head bowed down in humble worship, listening for His voice.
  • Laced up, ready to step out and follow Him.
  • Out in public, no longer hiding in my home or behind a mask.
  • Still waiting, but doing so with active anticipation and expectation!

Let me know how God is speaking to you in the season you currently find yourself in. I always find a great clap goes up in heaven when we share our stories for His glory!


PS. This graphic is formatted so you are welcome use it as a screensaver, a bonus for those who click to read this online!!


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