seeking patience despite uncertainty

If you are anything like me, you too dislike uncertainty.

How it likes to keep us off kilter and often distracted.
Grumpy, moody and/or prickly often follow to round out this unbalanced fellowship.
But none of those are actually the purpose of uncertainty, as I have been learning today.
Uncertainty chases us out into the open where God’s always waiting for us. – Bob Goff
As I was preparing for my week Sunday evening, Romans 5 caught my eye. Today, verses 1-2 captured my heart as God began to explain them to my mind.
In a nutshell?
My faith in Him allows me to enter into His Presence to find He has ALWAYS been waiting there for me!
No matter what is going on and how impatient I become in those moments of uncertainty, He is the One in whom I can be certain, for He is constant and never changing. #wonder
I love connecting patience and faith because when we put them together we will be able to persist in confident expectation. – Graham Cooke
#seekingpatience #findinghopeinHisPresence

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