Be – preparing for battle #girlswithsWords

Feeling broken in heart or spirit, hurting and/or heavy with grief, shame or pain?⠀

You are not alone.⠀

  • Please know that as much as the enemy tries to tear us down, God is there to build us back up.⠀
  • As often as the enemy calls you names, God speaks His Name & its power over you.⠀
  • When the enemy tells you all is lost, God reminds us He has good plans for us and His plan has a great future up ahead.⠀

As women especially, God is stirring us up to battle.⠀Following His lead.⠀

  • Jesus stands ready to cover us & be our shield.⠀
  • Our Abba actively empowers us as He pours His love into us.⠀
  • Holy Spirit highlights truth as He wisely guides us. ⠀

I was reminded that God asks us to be His girls as we carry His sword. ⠀

For His Word is our weapon of protection. ⠀

So sisters? Don’t give up on the hard days.⠀

Don’t let the enemy steal the joy of knowing God is with you, for you, within you and going before/behind you.⠀For God with us in our source of joy, no matter what else is happening.⠀

Be comforted by this truth. Let it warm you to your core as it soaks into and becomes a part of you.

Today, we celebrate that with God, we can BE who He wants us to be, with Him beside us! ⠀

B is but the first word of BATTLE. ⠀

Stay tuned for the rest of these lessons of how His Word in our hands, wielded as He intends, reveals how we were meant to be His #girlswithsWords


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