Great E-xpectations #girlswithsWords

The final part of this series on how to BATTLE as one of His daughters actually was stumping me for a bit.  I didn’t like the original E word I had chosen, as it wasn’t resonating within me.  As I was involved in a local community event this past Friday & Saturday, I decided to wait on His leading instead of pushing to finish by my deadline (last Friday).

God decided to tremendously make this E post both personal and relevant last night at my first night at Cleansing Stream, a discipleship program currently being offered at my home church.  The video speaker made a comment which took my breath away, right before I read this quote:

Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it. – Swedish Proverb

Love me when I leastdeserve it, for that iswhen I really need it.

Beloved, His expectation for us is to become His.

That’s it.

To love Him.

We put so much expectation on ourselves to do this and do that, when God’s first priority is for us to love Him and be loved by Him.

For which of us doesn’t like spending time with those we love?

So yesterday it hit me.

God accepts me just the way I am. Right now. Today,  All broken, messed up, slightly older modeled me.

He loves us:

  • when we need it most
  • when we feel the most unlovable and unworthy of it.
  • when we do the wrong things, say the wrong words, make the wrong choices

..for His love is unconditional.

But here is the point in relationship to battle, friends.

We can trust Him to fight for us, exactly and especially because He loves us so!

So, when you are in the battle and feeling low, please take His Words to heart. He loves you so much He gave His only Son to make the way for you to come home, to cover you in clean robes of righteousness, and promises to be with you always…and so much more!

Our greatest weapon? To stand firm on Whose we are, as we allow Him to lead us into the battle, and fight only as He commands.

His expectation is for us to love Him, be loved by Him & follow Him as we love those about us & share with them His great love.  

May we all seek Him for the path to go, the steps to take, the strength to follow and ability to hear, sense, & see Him as we join Him on this journey together!


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