wonder Words part 1

Ever come across verses in the bible which kind of grip you with wonder? As in you wonder why you didn’t hear them before, and how amazing they are?!

Yesterday evening, Holy Spirit whispered to me to pay attention to a few verses during a presentation I was viewing, The Father’s Love Letter.

So I wrote them down (there were five days worth) and figure this week, I will unpack them and see what He has to say to me through them.  God led Word study, here I come!

May Jesus Himself and God our Father, who reached out in love and surprised you with gifts of unending help and confidence, put a fresh heart in you, invigorate your work, enliven your speech. 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 MSG

What a wallop!  What strikes me about this jam packed encouraging Word?

  1. Jesus Himself and my Abba Father are the ones being INVITED here in this prayer to do whatever follows. If it starts with God, I know I should pay close attention, because it means God is about to do something, or is reminding me of something He has already done!
  2. God reaches out IN LOVE – so again, whatever follows is gonna be a blessing for me. Because when someone loves you, they have good things in store for you, right?!
  3. These verse remind me that God has surprised & continues to surprise me with not one but TWO gifts – unending help AND confidence!  I can be assured He will always come to my rescue, so much so I can be confident in His love & help!
  4. These verses of blessing were written by Paul to the relatively new believers in the Thessalonians church (51-32 AD is the commonly held time of writing) to ENCOURAGE them, despite turmoil and persecution, to hold fast to what they have been taught. As persecution of the Church is at an all time high in the world today, we can take this to be encouragement for us today as well.
  5. This blessing invites God to PUT A FRESH HEART in us.  As His children, we are to follow His lead in love, action and with obedience.  Asking for Him to give us a new heart will help us to follow Him, walking in the Spirit.
  6. This blessing welcomes God to INVIGORATE our work. Receiving His strength to go through our day and complete the work He has for us will keep us on track and properly focused.
  7. This blessing encourages us to allow God to ENLIVEN our speech.  The word “enliven”suggests “uplift” in this context.  When we are listening for His Words, especially for others, before we speak, we will be able to uplift one another on the journey.

So when the temperature (both literally & figuratively) rises, I am reminded today that His Word will always hold #hopefortheharddays for those who look to Him for their hope.

study time

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