wonder Words part 3

Some times, He prepares us ahead of time for things that are to come. So that we can be ready to offer the comfort He gave us to those who are about to need it.

Yesterday, my brother & his wife unexpectedly lost their beloved dog.

When I initially heard their news, it struck a deep chord within me.

Since last December, I have lost two cats which were precious to me over a six month period.  The loss is still close to the surface at times.

Then I read through the verse that I felt I was to ready today, and my heart leaped despite the raw echoes of my grief.

If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there; if you’re kicked in the gut, He’ll help you catch your breath. Psalm 34:18 MSG

I love how the Message version starkly captures how pain, (emotional or physical, mental or spiritual) feels.

  • Brokenhearted.
  • Reeling from a sudden life event kick which takes your breath away.
  • Real, raw pain.

But even better, how the Psalmist reassures the reader, the hearer of these words, who is hurting that:

  1. God is with us in our brokenness.
  2. He will help us breathe through the pain.

The Hebrew word for “breath” in this verse is “neshamah,” a variation of the word “nasham,” which means to gasp or pant.

God literally will help us breathe when the hard moments try to steal our breath away.

Whether you have just got the news that a loved one has died, you have lost your home or have hit rock bottom in your marriage, God is with you.  And not only is He close beside you, comforting you? He will literally help you to keep breathing.

For the One who gave us the breath of life to bring humanity to life, and died on the cross to bring us new life again, He WILL enable you to keep breathing through the pain.

I am in no way saying your loss will not be painful. I am saying that God promises to comfort us, hold us and supernaturally give us the ability to keep breathing, even when we feel our heads are submerged underwater.

God has healed me of much of the known hurts I have experienced in my life. He has helped me to breath through life moments when all I wanted to do was hide away and weep until I ran out of tears. Moments when I thought I might not live through them.

Part of why I share my story with you is so that you can know that He is there for you.

If you are hurting and keeping it all in, so much so that your situation is making it painful to breathe?

Go to God.

Better yet, run to Him.

He is waiting to help you through, as He joins you right where you are. He longs to help heal you, and met your exact needs, whatever they are.

Knowing this to be true? Leaves me filled with wonder and hope.

Let the breath of heaven pour His breath into you again as you lean on Him – brokenhearted, grief stricken or pain ridden.





2 thoughts on “wonder Words part 3

  1. Rene’ September 27, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    I’m so sincerely & thoroughly enjoying this in-depth wonder Words series🤗 GOD Bless you🙏🏽💖

    Liked by 1 person

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