when its time to let the rest of it go in order to find the rest you need

I have been burning the candle on both ends for the past two weeks. Unexpected deadlines, tech glitches and fighting off a nasty virus left me doing only what I had to and nothing more.

What I realized yesterday? I missed writing. Big time.  And I tried to do it on my phone while I was on the go, but actually taking the time to dig into my physical bible and type on my computer is so much more satisfying for me, besides helping me keep in touch with you.

God started speaking to me about rest in my quieter moments, and my initial response was to respond, “I am sleeping as much as I can, God!”

I completely missed the fresh lesson He was trying to teach me in the moments when I need it most. Because I wasn’t giving Him my full attention to hear what He was really saying to me.

What I really missed? Even more than writing? Daily unrushed one on one time with my Abba!

I am soooo grateful that God offers His children second chances!

He reminded me again that the invitation to rest in His Presence is always available. My availability is actually the issue.

So Saturday when this lesson hit home, I began writing down, screen saving & emailing me any verse I came across with the word “rest” in it.

But the part I need to do?

mark 6-31 MSG

  1. Come to Him.
  2. By myself – so implied a quiet place with just Him & me.
  3. Take a break.
  4. Be refreshed with His rest.

So the rest of this week, I am going to break down this verse and share what I feel He is saying to me.

But the first thing I actually noticed?

Jesus spoke these words to His disciples right after they spend hours feeding the 5000+ crowd with the loaves and fishes!  They were likely exhausted from all the passing of baskets, keeping an eye on the crowd while Jesus spoke, and collecting the leftovers. They needed time to process what they had heard, seen and experienced. And Jesus was trying to teach them one of the secrets of His strength with these words.

Jesus Himself often went off on His own to spend time with His Father! How much more do I need to do the same when I am trying to serve Him?!

If you too need to learn the restful rhythms again at His feet, join me on this journey as I learn to let go of all I need to in order to embrace the rest I know He has waiting for me!

#hopefortheharddays #racingtoRest


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