When the cries need to start pouring out

Just today, I heard about two more people being diagnosed with major cancers, a friend still recovering from a major concussion, a former customer’s best friend losing her mom, a coworker who may have a serious illness, and another musical influencer passing away.

All before lunch.

And each of these people have loved ones who are hurting about these situations.

I love how God often reassures us in His Word that He is there for us.

But not just there.

God cares to get involved.

He wants to hear the details from us, even though He already knows them.

Because He knows we need someone we can not only run to who can take the brunt of our pain, handle our snotty sobs, and hear our wordless cries.

He knows we need to know someone cares. Someone is listening. Someone who is in our corner 24/7, every day, all day and night.

So on the days like today where all the news I am hearing grieves me?

I pull up a chair. I bow down before Him. I find quiet place where He can meet with me.

For God invites me, and you, to come and pour it all out – honestly & openly – before Him.

And each and every time I do? I find rest for my soul.

Not because He immediately fixed the situation.

But because the Maker of Heaven & Earth, the Lover of my soul, the King over all, my Creator?

He’s present.

  • With me.
  • With the hurting ones.
  • With the lonely, broken and grieving ones.

Every. Single. One.

As each night watch begins, get up and cry out in prayer. Pour your heart out face-to-face with the Master. Lamentations 2:19a MSG


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