Hold on to hope despite and during the pressing

NOTE: Wow, it has taken me longer than anticipated to return to this blog. Thank you for your grace and patience with me.  I am still waiting upon clarification for how I am to write in the New Year, but felt pressed to share this message with y’all this morning.

Life is not an easy journey, is it?

We might feel that we are in a clear sailing season, until the waves begin to swell, the sail gets torn, the rudder cracks and the compass starts to spin in circles.

It never seems to be one thing which tries to press us, does it? Because you and I? We could easily handle one isolated thing happening at a time.  But as we all know, it never rains, it seems to pour.

We are not as separate from our situations as we would like. 

Lose that job? No savings to fall back on? Fear decides to lay itself on top of these, and drive our emotions into hyper frenzy in a split second.

Lose a confidant? Best friend moving away? Mentor moving on? Graduate from your program? Anxiety over your future to come without the safety net of your usual support network can spiral out of control.

Lose grip on your staff? Kids acting up? Mom or MIL pressing your buttons and spiking your blood pressure? Stress can drive us to seeking quick fixes or hiding our head in the sand to avoid uncomfortable conversations or enforcing our boundaries?

Neither are we as alone as we think.

I am reminded this morning in Psalm 3 that David can relate to much of what we are facing most days.  The youngest of a brave bunch of men, he lost a job He was good at (shepherd) to follow God’s lead to become king.  And it was not smooth sailing!

When King Saul turned against him? He couldn’t run home, he had to leave his wife and best friend behind. He had limited resources, lived with a motley crew for years on the run as he waited for God to deliver him. Literally.

He is restored into position but not until his father in law had already given his wife to another, his best friend and brother in law died, and the kingdom was spinning in turmoil from all the drama.

Then in the palace? David’s many children by his several wives were jockeying for position and following their passions no matter what.  One tried to oust him, another raped his half-sister. His first born from a lustful affair dies soon after the court’s prophet outs his hidden secret.

This is a real man with real issues, one whose story we can relate to one way or another.

And he never stopped seeking God when he was being pursued or came face to face with his sin, in each space between the rock and the hard place penning him in.

Psalm 3 is a perfect example. (You can read it online in the Message version here )

  1. He doesn’t pull back from telling God what he needs from Him.
  2. He acknowledges when God does move.
  3. He praises Him for the rescue yet to come.

What does this mean to you and I?

It’s a reminder that God will never stop looking out for and caring for His children – NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO.

For David – the man referred to as the man after God’s heart – was not perfect.

  1. He was flawed, just like you and I.
  2. He tried to hide his mistakes, just like you and I.
  3. He sometimes stepped out before he thought about the path he would be heading on, just like you and I.

The one thing David did do right?

He kept letting God catch him, clean him, restore him and set him on the right path. Over and over again.

And here is the wonder of this true story – God not only never stopped reaching for David, He never stopped looking out for Him.

For His love is a never ending torrent designed to fill us, wash us clean and lift us up to where we were always meant to be…

Close to Him.

If you feel like you are smack between a rock and a hard place right now?

  1. Know that God is right there beside you to hold you close in this painful moment.
  2. He will never stray from your side, no matter what might have brought you to this place.
  3. He is for you, and has only good things in mind for you in your future.
  4. You can get through this, with God’s help.

Like David?

  • Keep calling out to Him as you hold on tight during the pressing.
  • Ask Him to move.
  • Thank Him when He does.
  • Proclaim His might will move in your future.
  • Rest in His embrace when He brings you out on the other side!

hope between rock and a hard place




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