when you realize you are the mountain blocking your own way

These past two weeks, my eyes have been busy refocusing.

I love how God uses the Word, my small group study, and the worship music I am listening to open my eyes to the truth.

I am almost always the mountain in the way of trusting God with whatever is facing me.

For when I allow my feelings to distract me from keeping my eyes fixed on His, and my feet following His – I become the block which needs to be removed for my own faith to flourish.

Instead of worrying about what is surrounding me in this world, I need press deeper in to His arms and allow His Presence to surround me, calm me and direct me.

Not basing my response on what I can see, but on the faithfulness of the One who sees all, all the time!

For it occurred to me this morning that if I am made in His image? His faithfulness would also have been imprinted upon me!

So remaining faithful mirrors His character!

Abba, allow this truth to sink deep within, and resonate into every aspect of my character. I can be faithful, for not only is it an ability You can strengthen me in, it is actually part of me – because of how You made me! I thank You that Your faithfulness never ends, and remains ever constant. Even when I cannot see, these truths stands as a testimony to Your faithfulness:

  • You are ever before me
  • You are ever covering me
  • You are ever with me
  • You are ever for me
  • You are ever empowering and loving me.

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