tip 1 to finding solid ground when your emotions are riding a roller coaster

What do you do when your emotions are moving like a roller coaster from grief or stress?

How do you find solid ground again under your feet?

This week, I share 4 tips to do just that.⠀

1. Be honest with yourself, and God.

Ask yourself: “Is any of this my perception vs reality? Am I over tired and doing too much? Am I bottling how I really feel within?”

If you answer yes to any of the above, ask Him to help you see where/what you can change, and show you how.

PS. There is nothing you are feeling or thinking that He isn’t already aware of!⠀

Word: “Pour out your heart like water before the Lord…” Lamentations 2:19⠀

Worship: “Come to the Altar,” Elevation Worship – https://buff.ly/2Fwv4oR⠀


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