what carried Jesus forward to the cross? Kindness.

What carried Jesus forward to the cross?


Yesterday, I shared how Jesus had compassion on all His children – Israelites and Gentiles alike (to use the vernacular of His day).

But compassion put into action is kindness, yes?

Knowing Judas would betray Him beyond the budget to His death? He still showed Him kindness and until the very last, Judas was an active part of Jesus’ team of disciples. Jesus still included him at the final meal He was to share with them before Judas jump started the journey to the cross (more on that tomorrow!)

Out of His kindness, Jesus healed the ones who were starving for touch (the lepers, the woman who had been bleeding for years – both conditions that the law forbid direct contact with as they made you “unclean”), those who needed to be set free (Mary with the seven demons, the demonized man) and outsiders like the tax collectors, women with bad reputations, and the child of the Roman centurion.

But even more than that? He allowed children to come to Him. Not just the men, not just those with rank and position – but those who couldn’t do anything for Him.

God in His Kindness sent Jesus to give us a beautiful picture here on earth of the kindness He holds towards us, and longs for all to experience!


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