When your hope seems at its lowest

In shock, those who followed Jesus were left with silence and their memories after He died on the cross.

The path ahead looked bleak and dark as of Thursday night. Illegal trials, unjust accusation, unwarranted physical and emotional cruelty, depths of pain and agony…watching the One they loved and admired take it all.

When He finally spoke after darkness covered the area? To make sure His mom was taken care of, to welcome a new believer into His Kingdom, to offer forgiveness & cry out at the separation sin cost Him right before He died.

The veil tore, He was hurriedly prepared for burial, and His shocked family & followers were left with their grief.

Grief and silence can be overwhelming when you do not have positive memories and faith to cling to.

Jesus had prepared His followers for the truth to come…and yet the shock of His recent loss would have overshadowed His words.

Until He put them into action and rose again.

I always get a thrill at Mary approaching the tomb where Jesus kindly and slowly revealed Himself slowly to her.

He was risen, and that good news has never stopped being any less true than the day it first occured.

My Savior is alive! He paid my debt, and set me free to follow His ways.

New life for Jesus means a new start for everyone who encounters Him and accepts the truth.

God is not dead, He’s truly alive! Not only on Easter Sunday, but every single day.

The days where things go well, and the ones which drag us into pain, sorrow and anxiety.

We can now have hope, because the One who told us what He would do has done it. God came to us, showed us His love face to face, and then took our destiny (to be convicted by the cost of our wrongs) upon Himself – by becoming the required offering to make things right again. For us.

Because Love doesn’t leave the ones He loves without improving things for them.

The cost was oh so high, but the results? Oh so eternally amazing!! Love does.

My Saviour lives! And because He does, I too can truly live, and walk alongside Him forevermore!

#Easter #Helives #Hereigns #hopefortheharddays

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