Shock. Horror. Grief.

When a normal day swerved into a day of sudden, avoidable loss filled with confusion, fear and mourning just a way up the road in Toronto.

In the quiet of this new day as I brought this situation before You, You reminded me of the Truth You want proclaimed over #the6ix – both today, and every day – and every other city, town, community and place we call home, every where around our world.

This truth You first proclaimed in a small pub years ago to a worship band listening for what You wanted to say in the midst of a city in extreme brokeness, crying out for justice. That who You are is always there for the hurting, broken and grieving. Through every tear, despite our fear? We can rest in Your strength when our loss overwhelms us. For You are with us, for us and walk along side us every step of the way through any circumstance or situation which comes our way.

“You’re God of this city, You’re the King of these people, You’re the Lord of this nation, You are.
You’re the light in this darkness, You’re the hope to the hopeless
You’re the peace to the restless, You are.

You’re the Lord of creation, the creator of all things, You’re the King above all kings, You are.
You’re the strength in the weakness, You are love to the broken, You’re the joy in the sadness, You are.

For there is no one like our God. There is no one like You, God!

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city. Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done here.” – Bluetree

#torontostrong #hopefortheharddays

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