Always, never A lone

When depression and loneliness rear their heads or I feel invisible or unheard, I have learned I need to take a moment to change my perspective.⠀

I need to see myself the way You see me.⠀

Where are we to go when the world seems overwhelmingly hard? His Word.⠀

For His Word is alive.⠀
His Word is true.⠀
His Word is timeless.⠀
His Words are meant to define you and I.⠀

“You Define Me” by Kim Walker-Smith is one of the worship songs God has used recently to speak to me as the spring board for this series.⠀

Today, I started with the letter A as I asked You to speak to me any Words You wanted me to know….⠀

Word: You reassured me that I am ALWAYS Yours & never alone. (Deuteronomy 31:6)⠀

Worship: I am not Alone by Kari Jobe.⠀


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