when i lose myself…

These past several weeks have been a real wake up call for me.

I ended up so tired that I had to be extra intentional in building rest into my life. By doing so, I realized that I felt like I had lost my voice.

Then I heard Yours speak louder in that silence.

Ever wake up and wonder how you got to this point in your life? Yup, like that. And I didn’t like part of the life I had chosen.

Now, here is the clincher. It wasn’t bad. It was just distracting me from what is most important. My time with Him, my family, my friends, and my purpose,

So I spent precious time each weekend asking Him for direction. And intentionally letting Him know that I needed to feel Him closer again, and was willing to do whatever He asked.

Then I knew.

I am to step out of this one aspect of my work that doesn’t align with my gifting, as it is not for Kingdom purposes.

It can be too easy to work on what isn’t eternal, isn’t it?

So I am facing my fears of letting people down this week, and stepping forward in obedience. Praying He will smooth over personality issues and maintain relationships, and fill me with a firm boldness in love to stand fast to my decision, and not take any flack for it,

I am so thankful that He loves to remind me through the Word that I need not fear, and that His timing is perfect. Soon after I made the decision to obey this prompting, my son  shared what ended up being the perfect worship song for me to proclaim over this decision.

For You work all things to take me deeper!

Word: Isaiah 41:10, 1 John 4:18

Worship: Louder Closer Deeper by Love and the Outcome

May He speak louder than any noise or situation in which you find yourself seeking His direction, friend.


rk all thingsto take me deeper



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