it’s okay to say “no”

One of the most important ongoing lessons I am learning involves the proper use of two letters… the word “no.”

I used to worry that using “no” might hinder moving forwards, disappoint key relationships or fail to meet expectations.

God has been teaching me the opposite in fact is true.

“No” can free us to spend time on what is most important. Time with Him, our spouses, our kids, our friends, in the Word, in fellowship at church. But key for me? Focusing on what I was meant to do versus doing something someone else was meant to do.

Using “no” doesn’t mean being rude about it. It simply means it’s not the fit for you. And that is okay.

Reminding myself of this powerful truth today as I walk in obedience and follow where He is leading.

Which for me is back to bed as my body is recovering from some sorta bug. Saying no to off site work today so I can better recover is a yes for me. 🤓


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