thanks to my fathers

Today, I celebrate fatherhood. For I have been positively changed because of it.

My birth father not only helped bring me into being, he was a part of a loving family which has blessed me greatly over the years since he passed. As I am a reflection of his image and have many of his best traits, part of him lives on today in me.

My father by choice has always been one of my biggest supporters. I know I can count on him for his wisdom, perspective, laugher and assistance whenever I have needed. He is rock solid dependable, and chose me to be his both in his heart and by name. He continues to bless me.

My father by marriage lives in a special place in my heart. My time with him was too short, but oh how He showered love, a comforting shoulder and a listening ear. He was the one who helped feed my cravings when pregnant, and always had a kind word for me. His legacy lives on through the kindness and acceptance with which he openly gifted me.

And my Heavenly Father? I can now see how part of each of my earthly fathers reflected His heart and love for me.

How much more does He shower me with every. single. day I am alive here on earth. But His love for me didn’t and doesn’t end there.

I am eternally his daughter, forever to be in His heart, and showered always with His love!

Especially on the hard days, as He carries me through to the other side.

Happy Father’s Day. If you too have never known your earthly father, were wounded deeply through abandonment or harsh treatment by your dad, or have lost your father, may your Heavenly Father heal your wounds, comfort your grief, and soothe your pain as He loves up on you.

For His love stays constant when it wasn’t/isn’t easy, because He loves us with perfect, relentless, passionate and eternal love!


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