when the words at work start to hurt

Work. What we all have to do, whether we do so out of the house and/or in our homes. 95% of the time, I love my work. I love the variety, the type of tasks, where I work & my coworkers.

What I don’t love, if I am being honest, is dealing with upset people. Many of whom are hurting, and in their anger slash and wound with their words.

I get that we all have hard days. I used to have quite the sarcastic comebacks when someone would be unkind to me.

When I met Jesus, He revealed just how kind He was to me. He didn’t beat me up for my flaws, He loved me despite them even as He showed me a better way to respond.

When we snap at one another, we fail to maintain honor. When we put one another down in a moment of anger, we cease to show respect. When we hurl insults? We inflict wounds on the soul and spirit of the person we are targeting.

Love offers more than just keeping our mouths shut:

•It prays for blessing on those who hurt us.

•It hopes for restoration where there is division.

•It speaks truth tempered with kindness, honesty balanced with honor.

I have been learning to carefully choose my words, especially when my buttons get pushed. More than I used to, I try to pray and ask for wisdom before responding. I ask God for the right words. I forgive as soon as I can, and although I cannot always immediately forget, I ask God to soften my heart and not allow it to harden or close myself off as a result of a difficult day at work.

If you too have a hard time with angry or disgruntled people at work, invite Holy Spirit to help guide you. It is always amazing to me how much calmer I remain when I do things His way. I may still get hurt, but He holds me close through it.


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