Did you know that is your name? Your real name?
But not only is that what God calls you, it’s also a hint as to what He wants most from you.
Really, you ask?
Not only are you the object of His affections, He wants you to experience His love. To know and sense and feel that you are loved!

His Beloved’s primary role is to let Him love you.

Because God knows that when you do, you will return His love all the more to Him, worship Him more frequently, and allow Him to move more fully in and through you.
Because His plan for love is for His Beloved to be loved, & then go and be love to those around us!
This weekend?  Take some time to sit at His feet and wait for His love to fall on you. He promises that those who seek Him will find Him. If you can arrange it? Don’t rush this time. Put on some worship music, keep a pad of paper handy to write down what needs noting, and your bible close by for reference.
One of the characteristics of newly married brides and grooms is how much they want to spend time with one another.  If your spark for Him has faded or dwindled, ask Him to fan it into fame again.
PS. A final reminder? Remember that He loves you JUST AS YOU ARE.  There is no need to pretend with Him. Whether you are having a hard day, feeling grateful or hurting, tell Him so. There is no one He would rather hear from today than YOU, Beloved!
PPS> Don’t know where to start in your quiet time? Look up the words LOVED and BELOVED in your bible.  The Message version alone has “Loved” in it 71 times, and”Beloved” in it 15 times!
loved HJ

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