i am His cup of tea, and so are you!

Spending time with other through the hard times can be wearying. Add extreme heat to the mix, and you have a snap shot of my past few days. Lots of words of comfort, encouragement and love were blended with preparation and prayer.

I dropped into a deep sleep as soon as I could last night, but awoke feeling even wearier and without words this morning.

God often reassures me through His Word that He both holds me close and is close beside me through every season, each and every day.

His Words speak all the louder when I come into His Presence, sit still and get quiet.

I pray that these Words? They are the ones that stick to us during our hard times. The ones He writes on our hearts, brings back to mind, and continue to unwrap over time through our lives.

This week, I will share one Word each day, and some of what He has been writing on my heart with them.

Today, one of my favorites.

I am His cup of tea.

You're My cup of tea HJI have been made just right, to satisfy His heart. Like the perfect cup of tea hits just the right spot! He not only adores me, He loves to spend time with me telling me and showing me His love!


Each one of His children, whether they know Him or not, are!

Isn’t that good news to read and be reminded of on a crappy day? I think so! #hopefortheharddays

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