You see me…. the real me

I often feel like I am overlooked, a part of the background wherever I go. That my voice doesn’t matter. Despite the fact that isn’t true, it is often the reality for my emotions.

Your Word is chock full of reminders that there is nothing that happens that You do not see, such as in Psalm 121:3.

Two of these verses remind me of this key truth on the days when I feel unseen:

You see me.

Everywhere I go, my hopes and dreams, everything going on around me, all that I am experiencing and feeling. (Psalm 139)

One story that gives me hope? That of Hagar.  How God showed up to her in her lowest moment and not only met her there, but showed her how He saw both the minutest of details and the long range forecast. In response, she gave Him a new name…

EL ROI – the God who sees me (Genesis 16:3)

I am so thankful that on the days when I need this sweetest of reminders that He never fails to remind me that He always sees me, the real me. Which brightens even my lowest moments.

Worship for today: Never Once by Matt Redman-


You see me HJ




Genesis 16:13

Psalm 139

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