taking on the fear factor this week

Ever have those weeks where it seems like everything hits you all at one, the good and the not so good?  Last week was one of those for me.

I saw God move amazingly in unexpected ways, and got a glimpse of just how big a problem fear is in most of our lives.

The gals I minister to often struggle with sudden changes. You know, the ones that hit you out of left field and throw you for a loop, causing your emotions to swirl and fears to rise?

Since last fall, I’ve been working on facing my own fears from a faith perspective, and He has been rewiring my responses and deepening my trust in Him as a result.

And I have always know that this was not just for my benefit, but to be shared with whom He brings into my life to speak His love, freedom and hope into their lives.

So this week, my blog will be a five part-er as I tackle one aspect of fear each day.

Today – shifting our motivation to one He lays on our hearts.  Some times we need to declare what we want to become or change and remind ourselves of this focus daily as part of how we battle. The below quote by Renee Swope nailed the change of heart I want in my life around the topic of fear… and has been posted where I can review it often throughout my day.

As I chat about fear this week, may He reveal to us what aspect of fear we might need to tackle and defeat, so we stop tiptoeing around obstacles and together we join God in facing them in faith!

I want to be fearless (1)



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