As we take a closer look at FEAR this week, E stands for EMOTIONAL PAIN.

When we have unhealed wounds within, we perceive the world around us through our emotional pain. Kind of like tinted lenses colors our vision when we are wearing them.
The Bible is chock full of real people, just like you and I, who were hurting. Two who often gets skimmed over are Hagar and Ishmael.
Hagar was the slave of Sarah, who was given by a hurting Sarah, desperate to give her husband Abraham an heir, to sub in as her proxy to bear her a child.
And after Hagar got pregnant with Ishmael, the dynamics of how they all related changed. Hagar mocked, Sarah became verbally abusive, and Abraham was caught in the middle of the mess they created.
You know the saying “hurt people hurt people?” So true, especially in this situation.
Then the miraculous happened several years later, when Isaac, the son of promise & rightful heir, was born to Sarah.
You guessed it, the tension got even worse between Hagar & Sarah, until Hagar & Ishmael were forced to leave.
Imagine being a slave, then being elevated to such a high position of bearing the heir, then being replaced and cast out.
If you too have relational issues with your spouse where hurtful words, cheating, affairs, abuse and/or divorce come into play, you can likely relate to the emotional pain Hagar endured.
But here’s the hope, for Hagar and all of us who suffer with unhealed emotional wounds… God sees us & meets us right where we are.
Hagar headed with her son into the desert, distraught and depressed over being sent away. Ishmael was also hurting over leaving the only home and family he had ever known.
God reassured her in Genesis 21:17 that He heard their cries, not to be afraid, for He was with them. He quenched their physical thirst, soothed their emotional hurts, and guided them forward.
Still hurting friend? Go to God, and allow Him to comfort, heal & restore you too as you lay your fears at His feet.

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