when you discover yourself rooted to the spot with worry

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.

WORRY. One of the forerunners of fear which likes to have us spinning around while rooting us on the spot. And once worry takes over, fear comes along for the ride.
As a young wife and parent, I used to be burdened by worries. Now there is no issue with being concerned about something, but in failing to bring it to God and leave the weight of our concern with Him – worry scuttles in to our thinking.
When we moved 45 minutes away from our church 14 years ago, we commuted for a year and asked God to direct us to a body of believers where we would be supported, and challenged to grow. He did.

The teaching pastor at the time had an enormous impact upon me, and likely has no idea he did so! He ran a challenge one month to study one passage of scripture for a whole month, as we invited Holy Spirit to illuminate and highlight a verse or characteristic every day.

The verse we studied? Matthew 6:25-34, where God speaks about worry, and how he is more than enough to meet our every.single.need.

(Here’s the version I studied!)
So friend, if you too find yourself stuck in the worrying rut, and need to be freed from its negative mindset?

Print out these verses in your favorite bible version, and ask God to meet you in those Words for the rest of August. I know He will blow you away with His faithfulness just as He did me all those years ago.
I no longer carry worry like the unnecessary layer it is. I am grateful that He takes my worries and turns them into opportunities to show me His loving care when I bring my concerns to His attention.

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