FAITH starts with a firm FOUNDATION


When fighting against fears, FAITH is to be our weapon. There are five aspects to faith I will be sharing this week to add to our arsenal.

The F in faith stands for FOUNDATION. When circumstances and emotions start swirling about you, tempting you to turn to fear, remembering our true foundation can help us find sold ground to stand upon.

“He will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge.” Isaiah 33:6 NIV

In the Message version of Isaiah 33:5, we get a glimpse of why God is the best foundation – “His center holds.” As in His character is rock solid, unchanging and 100% dependable! And in Isaiah 33:6 MSG, this translated verse reminds us of the truth: “God keeps your days stable and secure.” Our part is to reach out to Him and ask Him to be our rock again when we lose sight of Him in the storms of life, friend.

May I encourage you to take a few moments, and soak in the truth of who He is – our sure foundation – again today. Bank up this truth within you, so that when the hard days rise up again?  Your faith will reassure you that

  • His Word will never fail
  • His character is faithful, and
  • He is our solid foundation.

Worship: “Your Word” by Hillsong Worship 

#fearfactorfaith #hopefortheharddays

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