when to reveal how you’re really doing

One of the lessons I learned the hard way in the early days when I was struggling with depression?

You can feel better or worse depending on who you tell.

There are many people out there who will judge you based on your decision to take medication, or not. To go for counseling, or not. To get prayer, or not.

When a person you know in passing asks how you are doing, you are not required to tell them everything. Truly! You can say you are having a bad day, or you’re doing okay, and it’s perfectly fine to leave it at that.

Not everyone get the same access to what is going on within you.

And if the person you happen to share your heart with likes to gossip? Your stuff doesn’t stay private for very long.

The best truth I have to pass on to you?

Ask Holy Spirit for discernment as to when and how much to speak to others.

You may just be having a day where you can’t quite put things into words that will make sense to someone else.  That’s okay. Keep it simple, and leave it there.

Share as He leads, and you will find those you share with will add something to you which you need in the moment. A word of comfort, a hug, a listening ear, someone who cares by being there.

That is why He places us in families, friend. Because we are not meant to battle on our own.

Tomorrow, a few tips on reaching out for support based upon how you are feeling.

#hopefortheharddays #depression




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