do overs and starting new

HIHP Sept 3rd 2018

This past two weeks, I handed over a few huge projects that I am no longer working on, and as I did, I had some time to reflect as things were downloading and uploading.

One thing I have a tendency to do it to over-complicate things. Maybe you can relate. So I spent some time taking a closer look at why I am doing what I am doing.
And I realized that everything can be narrowed down to some good F words.

  • FUN

So moving forward, these five words are the foundation of why I blog and minister, which will merge the three different styles I was separately writing into a cohesive one. Less work, heightened focus, intentionally purpose full.

As such, I will be writing here on the blog weekly on Mondays, and sharing on social media with a different focus each day:
Mondays will be the main theme for the week.
Tuesdays will head deeper #together into the Word.
Wednesdays will focus on a #worship song which will tie in or minister accordingly. Thursdays will take a knee in #prayer & inviting Him to speak.
Fridays will be focused on freedom, family or function encouraging tips.
And Saturday is just for fun, and will feature a #Caturday post!
(Sundays will be my sabbath from writing, something I have not always been good at following!)

Part of becoming the best me I can be is listening to His prompts and following as He leads. By following this format, I will have more time for putting a larger writing project or two together, which has been on my heart for two years now.
I can’t wait to kick start this next Monday!

#hopefortheharddays #becomingyou


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