5 tips for putting Him first and running to Him first.

Here are five of my favorite tips on how to continue to make God first & keep Him first and foremost on your mind!

  1. First off, forget what you used to do which wasn’t working for you. It’s time for a fresh start! Commit this decision to Him, and ask Him to help you to put it into practice,
  2. Memorize a bible verse which will serve as your mental support for your decision to go to God first in every moment. Psalm 40, Psalm 143:6, Psalm 141:2 are just a few which will help remind you to go to God first.
  3. Set yourself up for success by making your screensaver of your phone or computer an image which will remind you to seek Him first. It could be an image or a bible verse. If you are more tactile, choose a particular ring, bracelet or necklace. Be creative as you decide upon what you know will work best for you. (My fave short verse is pictured below and is a free download as either a screensaver or wallpaper, my gift to you!)
  4. When you catch yourself becoming angry or upset about something, invite Holy Spirit into the moment and give it over to Him. The more you practice this step, the more likely you will be to do so first. This step also works for being thankful. 🙂
  5. Be patient with yourself as you train yourself to go to God first in all things. It takes 30 days minimum to make a new habit, and it may take you a few different attempts to find how this new mindset will fix itself within you. We don’t all start off doing anything perfectly, so be kind and graceful as you work at this new attitude.

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Free Screensaver & Wallpaper for your phone or computer (right click with your mouse to download on a computer, hold the image to save to your phone.)

first screensaver

first wallpaper


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