when my heart needs to let it all go

When I don’t see what You have in store up ahead,

as worry and anxious thoughts fill up my head,

You reassure me that all I need do

is to bring all these things to You

and leave them in Your capable hands.

For all things are under Your command,

even when I do not understand

or grasp the reason why I must wait,

in this day and age where instant is the expected gait.

Instead of seeking the when as before You I stand,

You remind me to not only hold out my hands

But to hold on to Your grip no matter what

As I trust You to shift me out of my rut

of focusing on “when” instead of Your love,

Your Promises yet to come and Your Hope from above.

Change my heart Lord from always looking to You for answers to seeing You Yourself are the answer.

I can only imagine how much closer I will feel to You when I let go of my need to know when

and come to know & trust You better as Savior, Lord and Friend.

#prayer #when #hopefortheharddays #hopeinhispresence

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