3 things i do when the “whens” begin to crowd in about me

As I have shared this week about “when,” I also reminded myself of three key things I need to do when the “whens” begin to crowd in about me.

DRAW CLOSE – spend time in the Word, worshiping and in His Presence

This always needs to come first, and be my initial reaction to everything happening in or around me at all times.

PRAY – in and through all things, always

Being quick to share with Him what is going on in my life and how I am feeling as well as listening for His voice, direction and love is to be right up there after drawing close to Him.

JOURNAL – creating opportunity to scribble my thoughts and feelings, write His responses, and have a record to return to for future days

This step is one that led me to daily blogging, after years of writing in a physical book. I find journaling, especially on the hard days, helps me

  • to focus my thoughts, so the whens stay in perspective
  • to tune my ears to hear His voice
  • write His words for me in those moments of intimate connection
  • look back at how He worked in, through and about me, in a way that wasn’t always evident in those hard times\

If you are new to journaling, let me share a few different ways you can do so.

  • make a daily list – jot down key thoughts as they come to you. Some people call this bullet journaling. You can do this on a note pad, smart phone app or daily email to yourself.
  • buy a blank book, and write out your prayers. Take time to write what you think He is saying in response. Don’t edit yourself as you do. Filter what you feel He said through the truth of scripture. If it lines up, it was His voice you heard. If it didn’t, it was either your voice or the enemy. Bring whatever doesn’t sit with the Word back to Him, and give it over. Keep practicing this way of connecting with God, and invite Holy Spirit to help you tune in to Him more clearly.
  • grab some coloring or painting stuff, clay or craft medium, and create based upon how you are feeling. When you are done, ask God to reveal to you what He has to say about it. Write this down. Take a photo of what you made and keep the photo and note together as a reminder for future reference.

Friend, may I gently remind you that the best resource you will ever have is the God of the universe who not only shaped and created you, but laid down His life out of love and a desire to connect with you?

As we make space for Him to speak into our lives about the whens and what ifs, He begins to bring more of His character, love, peace, grace, joy and hope into our hearts & minds.

I would love to hear how you connect with Him in this way. Share your tips on journaling!

#when #journal #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

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