inviting Hope to arise

One critical thing I have learned in spending time in worship is how just the act of doing so invites God’s presence.

I don’t know about you, but I find I am needing more Hope than ever some days, especially when I feel overlooked, misunderstood or find myself hurting over a harsh word or painful situation.

“Let Hope Arise” or as it is formally known as, “Hope’s Anthem” is one such worship song which I like to put on whenever I am needing to see God move – and then I sing along declaring its truth over whatever my situation is. For this worship song is full of faith boosting truth which I know I need to be reminded of when all I can see is what’s going on about me or what I am feeling within me.

By worshiping and lifting Him up over everything going on in the moment, I make room for Hope to arise!

May you too find Hope arising in your moments of need, but more than that?

  • May He deeply connect with you as He shows Himself strong, however you need Him.
  • May He reveal if there is something for you to do besides bringing this to Him in prayer.
  • May He calm you as you make Him the center of your thoughts, and not your situation or feelings.

Hope’s Anthem (view the video here: )

#lethopearise #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

hope's anthem



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