3 ways to give yourself a hope boost when you need one

Friend, if you find your hope seems to be wavering, I want to remind you of three things today.

1. Your hope does not depend upon your emotions.

For Hope is alive in the person of Jesus, and He doesn’t cease to exist because you are having a bad day!

2. Hope is only a choice and a prayer away.

You can ask God for a fresh infusion of hope at any time. Hope for the day, hope for a situation, hope for your future – especially on the hard days.

3. Do that one thing that helps you feel more hopeful.

For me it’s connecting again with God through worship, the Word and waiting until I hear Him. And on the extra bad days, I reach out to one of my closest friends to help me keep things in perspective, and reassure me that this (whatever this is) too shall pass.

Let Hope meet you where you are, friend, and hold you close.

PS. And if you are still unsure where to begin to look for a hope boost when feeling heavy laden? Head to @biblegateway & enter “hope” in the search engine. And if you are feeling adventurous, try looking hope up in a different version of the Bible then you are used to reading from. (You’ll be surprised at how the verses can feel fresh and new, as you read the Word in a new way!)


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