expectantly lifting my hands in prayer

God, I am looking to You, despite this situation, regardless of how I am feeling.

But before I ask You to move on my behalf, I want to thank You for all You are, for all You have done, and for how much You show me, each and every day, Your great love for me. For Your Promises I can cling to when the day spins out of control. For Your Presence I am always welcome to come and encounter. For Your Word, its truth and hope when I need to be reminded that You are both for me and with me.

I deliberately choose to praise You in this moment, and lift my voice to give You glory over all happening in and around my life. I choose to believe that all things will work for my good because YOU have said they will, even when I can barely see a glimpse of that right now.

Deepen my faith to depend and trust in You. To continue to call upon You to arise strong and mightliy move in all things in my life. I lift my hands to both lift You above the circumstances and receive what You have for me in this moment. Let Your hope fill me as I come to you.

But I especially thank You for always hearing me out, even when I get weepy, whiny or can only speak in whimpers, and then whispering Your encouragement, healing, hope, love and grace into this waiting, but willing to be fully yours as i do, vessel.

#lethopearise #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence



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