tackling lies through prayer in Jesus’ name


God, I come to You at this time in prayer, asking for You to shine Your light in me. There are many lies that I have had spoken to me which I chose to agree with. and many lies I have told myself. These lies, knowingly or unknowingly, have separated parts of me from You. I do not want anything to come between us any longer.

So I invite Your truth to bring these lies into the light of who You are and who I am in You.

Show me how I can clearly know which to let go in Jesus’ Name, how to forgive the people who have spoken lies over me, how to block the enemy’s lies by taking every thought captive, and how to forgive myself for not having learned this lesson earlier. God, I am sorry I did not come to You for clarification when I was unsure of something I was hearing. Help me to partner more deeply with Holy Spirit to hear Your voice over all, and to follow You where You lead me.

Thank You for reminding me that just because something was spoken over me does not make it true, and how You are more than able and willing to shield & guide me when I ask You to do so. Help me to leave the lies from my past fully at the foot of the cross as You restore me in each and every area which those lies had negatively impacted.

I proclaim victory over these lies in Jesus’ Name, because of the authority He has given me as an overcomer and daughter of the King!

#prayer #tacklinglies #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

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