4 Tips to greater thankfullness

Need a few ideas on how to build up your thanks tank? Here are four tips to help you become more thankfull.

1. Make a List.

Every day, write down a few things you are thankful for. Author @annvoskamp shares about the importance of doing just that in her book, “One Thousand Gifts.” Every day, list someone or something you appreciate. And if you can, try to come up with new ones daily. Today I am thankfull for fallen leaves, comfy blankets, and the gift of a few hours off this aft.
2. Check it Twice.

Part of the build up of thankfulness requires you to look back at what you appreciate from time to time. Go back and read your list when you need an extra boost to keep your attitude of gratitude strong.
3. Go and Find Out:
Search up “thankful” and “gratitude” in the Bible. Memorize a verse or two which speak to you about becoming more thankfull.
4. Who’s Got It.

Go to God on the hard days, and ask Him to help you become more grateful. He is your best source for all things, and loves to answer our heartfelt cries!
These four tips may not seem like much, but they transformed my heart in a very difficult season to look for the small things I could be thankfull for when so much wasn’t so good to focus on about me. God used them to anchor my heart in appreciation for Him, His Presence and the evidence of His blessing in my life. Some days it was a feather in my path, an unexpected kind word, a verse to meet an inner query. But when I looked back at that year, I had a treasure of thankfulness recorded to remind me whenever I pull out that thankfull journal. (And I still do so when my heart needs that reminder!)
#thankfull #hopefortheharddays

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