praying no matter how I feel

When all I am feeling overwhelms me, You gently remind me that I can bring anything and everything to You at any time.

Whether I am angry, exhausted, brokenhearted, discouraged, glad, sad or any other emotion I am feeling, there is nothing I can’t share with You that You cannot relate to.

For not only did You make and shape me, You did so in Your image, modeling me after Your characteristics. So feelings were Your idea, and You know all about them!

But even more than that, Jesus showed how we can feel yet not sin or make unwise choices despite our feelings.

So I lay ________________ before You, God. I ask Your guidance in how to handle this in a way that honors me, You and any others who may be involved. Help me to let go of the negative emotions and celebrate the positive one appropriately.

Reassure me that no matter my feeling, I am welcome in Your Presence, because You value my honesty.

Help me to open up to You even when I fail to find the words to express how I am feeling, for Holy Spirit can interpret my groans and cries.

And God? Thank You for never failing to love me, even when I feel unlovable!

#feelingthefeels #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence


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