coming to You in prayer


God, I come to You this morning with gratitude for this fresh new day. Thank You for being my Teacher, and being willing to work with me as I seek to follow hard after You in the area of prayer. As I bring the people and situations which are currently on my heart, You remind me that they matter to You even more than they do to me. For as I pray about them, You show me how to navigate, respond and forgive as You lead me, through Your Word and Your still, small voice. I do not need to worry about how I speak my prayers if I come with humility and show honor for who You are, You even understand my groans in those moments when words fail me due to my overwhelmed emotions. You welcome me to come to You at any time, to talk about anything, because that is the kind of relationship You long to have with each of us.

May my prayers rise as sweet offerings to You as I invite You to move in every area of my life, and every situation I find myself in.

#prayer #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

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