Chatting about broken things

When the past comes calling again with reminders which weigh us down with brokenness, it can be hard to put one foot in front of one another and keep moving.
Friend, as one broken person to another? You aren’t alone.
Each and every person on this earth has had something terrible, painful, heart wrenching, traumatic happen to them. Some numerously. Some continuously.
Can I just remind you for a minute of two things to give you a glimpse of hope again today?
Jesus’ life was no party or cake walk. He ended up being betrayed by His people, but literally also one of His closest companions, Judas. The very broken people He came to save broke Him. through the beatings, rejection, insults, lashings, piercing, and weight of sin which crushed Him on the cross.

Jesus gets how it feels to be emotionally, physically, mentally broken.

But (coz with God the pain and brokenness is not the end, friend) God also brought something good out of that brokenness, something the enemy didn’t anticipate, because he took his eyes off of the God who could create out of nothing. God brought redemption out of brokenness, grace instead of judgment, healing instead of hurting, hope instead of emptiness to us all that day.

God brought good out of what the enemy meant for evil in Jesus’ life, and He longs for us to come to Him so He can do the same for each of us.

This week, let’s chat about broken things, and the God who loves to put them back together!
#brokenthings #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

4 thoughts on “Chatting about broken things”

  1. I love how God can redeem the brokenness and even turn it into beauty- that there is always hope in him! Visiting from FMF #21- I think this is the first time I’ve been here and I’m glad I found your blog because this is a subject I love to write about too. Look forward to reading more.

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