when you feel too broken to be used

too broken to be used (1)

I wake this morning, still feeling exhausted despite enough sleep.

The weight of my lack is heavy upon me, God, and I long to be free of it.

I have spent way too long focusing on my brokenness, and wallowing in my wounds.

God, would You show me how You can still use me, even though I am fully healed? Because I feel too broken to be of any use to You.

Yet You gently and lovingly remind me that You will use anyone, regardless of their background, for Your purposes when they open their hearts and hands to You.

You only need my willingness, You provide the rest.

Help me to stay fixed on who You are, and who You say I am, and not my flaws, God. For if You can make beautiful things out of nothing, like You did in creation, then You can reshape this willing clay into the vessel You desire me to be.

Ground me in Your truth. Reassure me that Your strength is more than enough, my Hope is rock solid, and Your Presence is with me 24/7 – even when I cannot feel anything other than my brokenness.

For the story You are going to make of my life is not finished within me yet!

#broken #prayer #hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence

2 thoughts on “when you feel too broken to be used”

  1. This was so good that tears flowed whilst I read. You’ve Blessed me for many months now with your email devotions. I’ve been absent from social media for some time and have been quite thankful to still receive your emails. I simply wanted to say thank you so much for your posts. They’ve made the comforting spiritual difference in whether one gives in to discouragement or faithfully holds on to the promises of GOD despite discouragement. Thank you again friend!


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