He calls us Overcomer

The Word tells us we are overcomers, and God has been showing me just how true this is from His perspective.

There are two main ways we overcome, according to Revelation 12:11…

  1. Through the blood of the Lamb. Because of Jesus, we are made clean and right with God. We can stand confident at His side, knowing He is more than enough for whatever is coming my way.
  2. By the word of their testimony. Sharing what He has done for us declares His goodness and might across the heavenlies, while boosting our faith.

I would like to suggest three more actions which interweave with this verse’s key points.

  1. Saturating ourselves in the Word. What we don’t know can hinder our belief in His character and loving kindness towards us. Deepening our knowledge or who He is helps increase our ability to trust Him.
  2. Seeking Him in prayer. Giving over every thing that bothers us to Him and awaiting His leading helps us to overcome our fears, break off lies and restore freedom.
  3. Singing His Praise in worship. When we worship and adore Him, declaring Him Lord over all, even while we are yet waiting for our breakthrough, we overcome in those moments, which I believe paves the way for our situational overcoming.

Worship: “This is How We Overcome” by Hillsong Worship and “Overcomer” by Mandisa

If you too feel like you are living defeated when a giant appears in your horizon, ask God to show you how to overcome. It may not make sense to those viewing your actions, such as David facing Goliath, but with God leading Him, we know who overcame in that battle!

This is how we overcome, Beloved!

#whoYousayiam #overcomer #hopefortheharddays

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