being raised Royal

Some days are harder than others. There are the ones where no matter what you do or say it makes things worse, where your hair refuses to do as instructed, you realize when you get home you visibly wore your top backwards all day..

Those kind of days where all you feel like doing is sinking into your bed and pulling the covers over your head as you beat yourself up, put yourself down and/or cry?

Jesus has set us free from those.

We are reminded in His Word that He has raised us up in Him, to full status as beloved child of God, resident of Heaven, full inheritor of all our Father has for us… because He wants us to experience His loving kindness. ( 1 Peter 2:9, Romans 8:17)

Especially on those icky days where everything seems to go wrong…God says, “I am here to pull you out of this mire. Dry your eyes, lift Your face to heaven, tell me how you are feeling & I will draw close to you, My child. I’ve got you.

We are now being raised Royal, and with that comes changing our former mindsets.

Instead of focusing on what we lack or where we fall short, we need to quickly admit our failures, bring Him our hurts, and ask Him to reveal the truth to us in every situation…

We are raised with Christ.

Not we will be.

Not we were.


Now. Right in this moment, and every moment since the microsecond we accepted Him as Lord & Savior!

That good news is worth not only raising our hands with thanks, but our voices in a loud shout of praise and adoration!

#whoYousayiam #royal #hopefortheharddays

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