You say i am Unbound

Unbound. This is probably one of the hardest ways for me to internally digest of how God sees and defines me.

You see, I know the weight of my sin full well.

And the enemy knows that fact about me, never choosing to miss an opportunity to pin me up against the mirror as he tries to force me to see my past afresh again. And again. And again.

It took a recent, fresh revelation for me to see myself as He sees me.

  • Fully forgiven.
  • Set free.
  • Completely unbound.

You see, the cross not only settled the full score of my faults and sins to make me clear of their eternal consequences, but God went deeper still. He broke the chains which bound me:

  • to those sins
  • to my past
  • to the lies spoken over me, tying me to the darkness of my life before I encountered Him.

Once and for all at the cross, He freed me from everything the enemy could use to try and hinder me. God is that powerful, that gracious, that loving.

ALL of me has been unbound, but it is taking me time to realize those strands have been shattered. Because I don’t always see things from His perspective, and when I listen to the liar, I help him tighten the snare about me.

That’s why this word hit me so hard today.

I AM unbound. You, Lord, have set this captive free.

Help us to turn to You when we feel the enemy’s lie trying to tighten about us. Remind us he is only a shadow, as You highlight the truth You want us to grasp, believe and claim anew:


Word: Psalm 116:16

Worship: “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture

#whoYousayiam #unbound #hopefortheharddays

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