I am x-actly who You say I am

As I have been journeying through these past several weeks of rediscovering 25 of who You say I am, I thought that X would be a pass.

Then I reached X, where God revealed the meaning of X and how it defines me.

X is the X-act moment where God gives His life up for us on the cross.

Where an X on its side carried the full weight of our sin covered in full by His love.

As His beloved, we are now not only made clean and set free by His blood, we become defined by Him the moment we accept His love.

Cross His heart, how He died

to bring His Beloved to His side

set free from sin, loss and shame

once & for all one Love to gain.

I am exactly who You made me, and who You remind me I am, even on the days when I feel I have lost my way!

Word: John 3:16

Worship: “Be Praised” by the Michael Gungor Band

#whoYousayiam #Xmarksthespot #hopefortheharddays

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