taking a closer look – “Oh”

One of my all time favorite Christmas songs, whether you call it a carol or hymn, is “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him.”

It hit me this week that our words matter. I was reminded again in class this past Saturday morning that our words reveal what we believe, what we hold dear and what matters to us.

But do we actually know what some of the words we have been singing, some of us for decades, mean?

Over the next two weeks, join me as I take closer at 10 of the most important words contained in “O Come Let Us Adore Him.”   And each day, I will share a different take of this beloved song for you to wonder & worship Him anew as we journey closer to Christmas!

HiHP oh

OH. An interjection. (as per Merriam Webster Dictionnary)

  1. used to express an emotion (such as surprise or desire) or in response to a physical stimuli.
  2. used in direct address
  3. used to express acknowledgment or understanding of a statement
  4. used to introduce an example or approximation

The first word in the song “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him,” I never realized the significance of this short but filled with meaning word.


Likely the word that first came to mind for Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, the wise men and the shepherds as they were impacted by the angel visits, let alone the promises God revealed to them.  Likely said first with surprise, (as in, Oh my!) then a ponder (Ohhhhhhhh, as in that’s what you mean) and then with desire (as in, Oh yes!) These three ways this word is expressed perfectly captures the anticipation, the intention and the marvel/wonder it encompasses.

But here’s the point today.  What way are you meaning this word when you sing this song?

  1. Are you still surprised God came to us, or have you accepted it?
  2. Are you still pondering the implications of God in flesh coming to earth, or do you believe it?
  3. Are you still marveling at the wonder of His love for us to do so? If so, continue to let the “Oh” of this wonder linger in your heart year round.

Today, try singing this song and starting it off with a vigorous and intentional “Oh!”

Worship: Oh Come Let us Adore Him by Amanda Cook

Word: “So come, let us worship: bow before Him, on your knees before God, who made us!” Psalm 95:6 MSG

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